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Dear Mr. Andersen,


I have been using the Turning Point with the men in my substance abuse treatment groups to illustrate that what we do does make a difference, and that we don't have to be Bill Gates or Hitler to make that difference. They tell me that using drugs themselves doesn't affect others or that selling drugs doesn't affect others. I have been showing them some rather harsh and depressing movies to make the point that "the life style" of taking drugs is not healthy and does ruin lives.

So for a change I wanted to find a film that was positive and uplifting and yet not a church related film. I work for the state. Such a film is hard to find. But I had a copy of "Turning Point" at home and brought it in. I was surprised at the reaction of the men. Several were crying. They asked if I was trying to turn them to mush. I said that if they were beyond feeling it would be a bad sign. They liked the film. It actually is a powerful film and it cuts through the defenses of most people. Perhaps I can get a good quote from them about it for you. Seeing their reaction would be gratifying for you I think. Here they don't want to act like such a film affects them.

If you have any other films like that one I would be interested in seeing them and perhaps using them. I am in the changing people's lives business and a good film can go a long way.

Kevin C. Rutter, LCSW